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Daniel Williamson is the Managing Director of OpenStax, a non-profit educational technology company that provides free, open-access textbooks and learning resources to students around the world. Under his leadership, OpenStax has grown to become one of the largest OER providers in the world and one of the top 5 publishers in the introductory higher education market, serving over 7 million students at more than 80% of all degree granting institutions in the United States. OpenStax's 65 digital textbooks and learning resources have already saved students over $2 billion in textbook costs.

Daniel is a passionate advocate for improved access and equity in education. He is a graduate of Rice University, where he studied opera performance. He is also a member of the board of Level (, a non-profit dedicated to bringing education opportunities to incarcerated individuals, and the Community Engagement Advisory Board for Civic Heart Community Service’s Good Life Outcomes’ Policy and Advocacy Initiative.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel was asked by the Mayor of Houston to join the city's Health Equity Response Taskforce. He served as a member of the Digital Access Subcommittee, which developed solutions for equitable access to both devices and internet connectivity. This resulted in a proposal that was approved by Houston City Council to allocate CARES Act funding to expand the Houston Library's mobile hot spot and device lending program, create an internet discount voucher program for low-income citizens, seniors and opportunity youth in Houston, and create targeted super-hotspots hosted at community hubs in traditional underserved communities.

Daniel is a culture-oriented leader and innovator with a deep commitment to education and equity. He strives to make a real difference in the world by working to ensure that everyone has access to quality educational opportunities, regardless of their background or financial situation.

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