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Why Shine?

Shine is a conference focused on corporate cultures worth illuminating. We wanted to create a community and event where the best culture leaders could come together to help shine that light with other organizations.



Steven Leeper, CEO of Matchstick Executive Search is the producer and founder of Shine. Ever since interning at Southwest, Steven has been fascinated with the kind of difference that strong company cultures can make. That kind of culture is a rare thing but it doesn't have to be. Steven's love of shared experiences (UT Tower Tour Guide, Oscar Meyers Weinermobile, Texas on Tour, Matchstick Unique Gatherings. (Exec Facilitator at PEP and AMA Board/VP Programming past 12 years). 

DO I need tO print a physical ticket?

No need to bring a physical ticket with you, we'll have your name on the registration list. Just check in on site when you arrive.

Is my ticket tax deductible?

Always check with your own tax advisor, but if you have a business and itemize your deductions, the ticket and travel expenses are most likely deductible!

Are there partnership OppOrtunities?

Yes! If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities email us at!

What is the cancellatiOn pOlicy?

Until September 1, 2023 our ticket is 100% refundable (minus a $50.00 administrative fee) until September 1, 2023.

After September 1, your ticket is 50% refundable until Thursday, October 12, 2023. Due to the limited venue capacity, no refunds are available after October 12, 2023. The full price conference packages does include access to our virtual live stream however, so you can still watch the conference remotely if needed.


What if I have dietary restrictiOns?
We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions. Just email us at and we'll note necessary dietary adjustments.

What is included with the price Of my ticket?

Conference admission includes breakfast, lunch, coffee and beverage bar. 

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